Create a Basic Facebook Ad Campaign in Under 1 Hour!



Do you wish Facebook and Instagram ads were easier? Not sure where to start?

  • Facebook & Instagram ads are hard to figure out.

  • It's hard to know if they are working.

  • You're not even sure if it's worth the effort to learn them.

You've tried to run ads before...and gotten totally overwhelmed.

  • You didn't know where to start because ads manager is overwhelming.

  • You weren't sure which audiences to use, or even what an audience is.

  • You weren't sure how much to spend, or even where to set the budget.

  • You didn't even know if you set them up right and weren't even sure where to find the ads you thought you built.

The first time I set up an ad, I felt exactly the same way.

Part of my job was to create a Facebook ad and I didn't have any idea how to start. 

I was a teacher, not a marketing expert. I had no idea what to write or how to set up a Facebook ad campaign. I'd never done it before and I was certain that I was going to be fired if I couldn't learn to create a good ad.

Luckily things changed...

The problem was, I needed someone to start at the beginning and keep it simple.

I didn't need to know advanced Facebook & Instagram marketing techniques.

I didn't need a Facebook ad course with 10 modules full of complex techniques that I wasn't ready to learn or understand.

I just needed a simple, step by step guide to setting up a basic campaign.

I needed someone to start at the beginning, and stop before things got complicated.

That's why I created...


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to set up a simple traffic campaign. AND NOTHING YOU DON'T.

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Once you purchase the Easiest Ad Campaign, you'll be directed to create an account with our membership portal. There are 8 power-packed short video modules with step by step instructions.

  • Introductory Video

  • Part 1: Step by Step Videos to Set Up Your Campaign (Audiences, Warm Campaign Setup+ Cold Campaign Setup)

  • Part 2: Managing Your Campaign While It's Live

  • Part 3: Analyzing Your Results: On Facebook & On Your Website

  • Final Details

  • Downloadable Resources


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ad Copy With Templates & a Quick Fix Checklist

Audience Building Mini Guide

Ad Set Up Checklist

Instagram & Facebook Reporting Glossary

Custom Audience List

Saved Audiences Idea List


We promise to make setting up a Facebook and Instagram campaign simpler and easier. We also promise not to overwhelm you with lots of unnecessary information. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. No questions asked.

The EasiestFacebook Ad Campaign

Every thing you need to know to set up a simple traffic campaign. And nothing you don't.

A 3 part video course that walks you through setting up your campaign, monitoring your ads and Analyzing your results.

This deal is for a limited time!

Who is this for?

  • People who want more visitors to a blog post.

  • People who want to promote a product on Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy

  • People who want to promote a product on another website that doesn't use the Facebook pixel.

Who is this NOT for?

  • People who want to run conversion campaigns.

  • People who are trying to sell products on their own website (with Woo Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify or Squarespace.)

  • People who are trying to grow their email list with ads.

Frequently Asked M Questions:

I already paid a lot of money for an expensive Facebook Ads course. Will this be different?

Yes. This is much lighter and less comprehensive than most Facebook ad courses. And that's a good thing! This course is designed to give you just enough information to get started, but not so much that you get overwhelmed. This course should help you feel more confident moving into the more comprehensive on you might have already purchased.

How much time will it take?

You should be able to get a basic campaign set up in about an hour. The additional videos about how to analyze your campaign are about 60 minutes total.

I'm already pretty good at running ads. Does this course cover advanced topics like conversion campaigns?

No. This course is designed for beginners. If you are interested in learning about conversion campaigns (for lead generation or purchases) or other more complex topics, you should choose another course.

Does the course teach me how to set up my Facebook Ad Account and Meta Business Manager?

No. If you need help with this step we recommend you follow Facebook's tutorials.

Is this course only for Teachers Pay Teachers creators?

This course was created using a Teachers Pay Teachers shop as an example. However, the concepts will very easily translate to an Etsy shop or any other destination that does not use the pixel to track performance.

Please Note:

Learning how to run great ad campaigns could increase revenue!

"I learned so much!"

"I learned so much from your course...I’ve taken a Facebook ads course before and was unsure if purchasing this course would be beneficial to me. Your course blew the other one out of the water! You have a knack for explaining things and breaking them down in a simple way that is easy to understand."

Did you know?

87% of people don't finishes courses they buy because the courses are too long and complicated.