Get your Facebook and Instagram Ads Up and Running in a Single Day


Facebook Ads in One Day Workshop

Facebook Ads In One Day Workshop is a premium 1:1 day where we spend 5 hours together to get done in a day, what would take you weeks to do alone.

We help you avoid wasting time and money with downtime or costly mistakes.

7-10 Days after your Workshop Day we have a 60-minute follow-up call to review the data and results from your new ads.

You'll end your workshop day with a live ad campaign generating leads and growing your email list.

Together we will:

  • Ensure your Meta Business Account is compliant and secure.

  • Build and launch your first lead generation campaign.

  • Review key metrics so that you'll be equipped to evaluate and optimize your campaign while it's running.

Facebook Ads in One Day workshop is the perfect way to knock out one of those things that’s been sitting on your to-do list for months. You’ll finally have the time to do the work and an expert by your side to help you get your first email list building campaign live in just a few hours.

What's Included:

  • Free 30 Minute Pre-Call:

  • Free Access to Irresistify:

    The exclusive program from Funnel Gorgeous that includes:

    ▸22 lead magnet templates

    ▸Offer Cure

    ▸Funnel RX

    ▸22 Slide Deck Templates

    ▸KPI Workbook

    ▸Logo Pack Bundle with 22 Logo templates

    See what's inside Irresistify here.

Stop saying you'll invest in growing your email list someday. Start building your list today.



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Facebook Ads SOS! 3 Call Bundle $675

10% off (Reg $750) Get three extra calls for help with new campaigns after we launch your first one that is part of your workshop day.

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Facebook Ads in One Day Workshop $1997

Product Details

Compliant Foundations: Making sure your Facebook Business Manager is correctly set up so that you avoid getting it shut down.

Audience & Messaging Review: The success of your Facebook Ads starts here - with the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people. Plus, Facebook Ads in One Day workshop includes one version of Facebook ad copy with headlines.

A Fully Launched Campaign: Launch with confidence knowing that all of the groundwork is DONE to publish ads that will help you grow your email list.

Here's What You Can Expect During Your Workshop Day:

Before Workshop Planning Call

A free 30 minute call where I help you make sure you have everything ready to make your Facebook Ads in One Day Workshop a success.

First 2 Hours

Business Manager Set Up

Ad Account Set Up

Pixel (create and connect to Ad Account)

Assets Assigned

Page Connection

Instagram Connection

Business Verification

Two Factor Authentication for Security


3rd Hour

Install Pixel on Website

Set Up Conversions API (If possible.)

Review Avatar & Messaging

Audience Research & Building

Ad Copy Creation, Editing & Revision

 4th Hour

Create & Launch Your List-Building Campaign

Learn how to Review and Track Your Campaigns with our Reporting Spreadsheet

5th Hour Follow Up Call

Review your ads and optimize them to improve performance.

Review any questions you have to make sure you're off to a strong start when it comes to managing your own ads.

Who is this for?

  • People who want to generate leads.

  • People who are interested in learning to manage their own ads, but aren't 100% confident that they can do it on their own.

  • People who want more customer eyes on key pieces of content on their website.

  • People who have an existing funnel that they want to test with ads.

  • People who want to validate a brand new funnel with paid traffic.

  • People who want more support than what comes with most Facebook ad courses or group coaching experiences.

Who is this NOT for?

  • People who don't have a specific selling plan.

  • People who want to spend more than $5000 a month on their ad campaigns.

Frequently Asked M Questions:

I'm running ads for a launch. Can I use Facebook Ads in One Day Workshop for help with this?

No. There's not enough time to set up your account and do a launch. You could use our other offer, Facebook Ads SOS! and purchase multiple hours so that we can set up and evaluate your ads together a few different times. Reach out to me before purchasing if this is something you're interested in: karen@

Can I pay for my VA to participate in the Ads in One Day Workshop instead of me?

Absolutely! As long as you are completely certain that your VA has 100% access to all of your Facebook assets, including your personal account, they are welcome to attend in your place or alongside you.

Is this a group setting?

No. This is a one on one workshop environment. 

Can we sell a product instead of list building?

Maybe! Sometimes it works really well to run an ad directly to the product. Sometimes it’s a disaster. Email Karen@ if you want help deciding if a direct-to-product ad makes sense for you. 

I don't have my lead magnet/freebie set up yet. Will this still work for me?

Yes. We can launch an engagement campaign instead of a lead generation campaign. That's a campaign designed to make sure people are seeing your content on Facebook & Instagram. A lead generation campaign is almost always our first choice for Facebook ads, but there are other options. Email Karen@ if you want help deciding what kind of campaign makes sense for you.

Please Note:

Learning how to run great ad campaigns could increase revenue!


"Over 600 people have opted into the free mini-class we promoted in the ad campaign we set up just two weeks ago."

-Shannon M.

“My first ad is up and running with a $0.53 cost per lead.”